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results from over the big water Empty results from over the big water

Post  crazybrit123 on Tue Dec 04, 2012 9:53 am

Well what a weekend we have both had.
After 95 Heats, 20 Finals, two 6.30am starts, three 9.00pm finish's we were done with racing.
For the three of us (Kev, Iain and Myself) we had mixed results but are all pritty happy with were we ended up.
So, for the results.
Kev, Mini Q'ed 7th A Main came 6th.
Touring stock Q'ed 2nd B Main came 1st.
Iain, Mini Q'ed 10th A Main came 9th.
Touring stock Q'ed 7th C Main came 5th.
Andy Mini Q'ed 2nd A Main came 2nd.
Touring stock Q'ed 6th A Mini came 7th.
Touring super stock Q'ed 7th A Main came 5th.
We have had such a great time racing out here in Canada and would love to come out again.
See you all Friday.
The Canadian gays.


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